Glad to join the blogging world… - New Jersey's Wedding Planning ResourceWell, this is my first post to our new blog at, and to be honest, I’m not exactly sure what to do and how it all works, but I’m here…blogging away.

Facebook connections for New Jersey Wedding Professionals and CouplesTo keep up with and share news about what’s going on in the world of and New Jersey weddings, we first joined facebook. What an incredible place to start groups, post information and connect with brides , grooms and wedding professionals throughout the state and beyond. Then we joined Twitter, which took a little getting used to, but now we’re “tweeting” with the best of ’em, and New Jersey wedding tweets #nj #weddings #wedding @njweddingconnecting with fellow “tweeters” from wherever they are…

Now, to put all the pieces together, we’re happy to launch this blogging site on WordPress (after researching many sites, fellow wedding professionals said this was the best). In the weeks and months ahead, we’ll talk about what’s new on, let you know about upcoming wedding contests to enter into, discuss and report on New Jersey as a “destination” for weddings, and…well, much more!

We hope you’ll enjoy the content of our blog postings as we continue to navigate the world of the New Jersey wedding community…and please, let us know if there’s anything specific we can help you with. Thanks!


One Response to Glad to join the blogging world…

  1. Welcome, Erik….

    Nice start. I’m sure you’ll be a “superblogger” before long. Looking forward to checkin’ ’em out!

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