NJ’s Royal Wedding Watchers

During the past few weeks, the topic of “The Royal Wedding” has been buzzing around the weddings community here in New Jersey, with articles coming out on the “Jersey” angle to the event, Royal Wedding viewing parties being arranged, and even real weddings taking place alongside Prince William and Kate Middleton.  Here are some links below for you to view some of the fun as New Jersey (and the world) prepares for this historic event:

Join TLC for a Royal Wedding celebration!

Join TLC at 5am for a Royal Wedding celebration in NYC!

TLC Royal Wedding Times Square Viewing Party – NJWedding.com had a unique opportunity to offer VIP tickets to this once-in-a-lifetime event through Semisweet Productions (casting agency for TLC’s “Four Weddings” among other shows), and I’m happy to see that many members of the NJ wedding community, (specifically the Northern New Jersey Wedding and Event Professionals (NNJWEP) group) took the time to request them and then received tickets! We’re proud that NJ Minister Mitchell Maged will be performing the ceremonies for the three couples getting married in Times Square (and one of the couples – Marie Singgo and Jesse Chao – is from Clifton, NJ!). Check out the coverage on TLC starting at 4:45 am. Also check out the Times Square EarthCam now for all the action as it happens leading up to the event, and follow #RoyalWeddingTLC on Twitter for up to the minute tweets. (view this recap posted on Friday night, April 29th by the Daily Mail Reporter/UK, entitled “It’s our big day too! Three couples tie the knot in Times Square after royal wedding.

How about a Royal Wedding in New Jersey?

How about a Royal Wedding in New Jersey?

Royal Wedding – Jersey Style – This article from Hilary Morris of NJMyWay.com, asked the question: What If The Royal Wedding Were Held In New Jersey? She received LOTS of feedback from various NJ wedding professionals, including couture bridal gown designer Ralph Thurin, Kim Gabale of Diane & Co. (from the TV show “Jersey Couture”), Laura Clare floral designer, makeup artist Alexa Prisco (“The Glam Fairy” on “Jerseylicious”), Braunschweiger Jewelers, Anne Heap of Pink Cake Box, and Molly Tully from New Jersey Bride magazine.

You Too Can Be A Princess Bride — For A Day – Jamie Saxon from US1 Newspaper in the Princeton region, had an idea to ask 3 of the area’s wedding planners, Mary Harris, Kristin Rockhill and Marie Danielle Vil Young, to offer their expertise on creating their own kind of  “Royal Wedding” if budget weren’t a concern, and share what “21st Century Brides” are doing these days.

Prince William & Kate Middleton's official engagement photo

Prince William and Kate Middleton will tie the knot on Friday, April 29th

So where can you catch the Royal Wedding (besides in your own living room on every major TV and Cable Network)? Here are a few more links:

Broadcast of the Royal Wedding at the Princeton Public Library (tea and crumpets will be served)

LIVE CHAT with Jeff Edelstein of The Trentonian (follow the live chat on Twitter – #RoyalMeh)

Other Twitter hashtags to follow: #RoyalWedding #RoyalWeddingMania #RW2011

Will and Kate’s royal nuptials reason to party | Gloucester County Times – For some ideas on celebrating the Royal Wedding in the Southern NJ & Philadelphia area)

Alicia Vitarelli (former anchor of News 12 New Jersey) teamed with NJ wedding planner Tina LaMorte from Oh So Fabulous Weddings & Events for a recent news segment on ABC Channel 6/Action News (Philadelphia/South Jersey) on “How to give your wedding a Royal Flair” in this fun report.

Just saw this post “NJ Couple Throws Royal Wedding Open House” on NBC Philadelphia about an English couple from Cape May County opening up their home for some Royal wedding fun.

News 12 New Jersey reporter Alice Gainer did a special segment exploring ideas on Kate Middleton’s wedding dress in an interview with couture bridal gown designer Ralph Thurin of Thurin Atelier in Princeton, NJ. View the report on our “Mercer County, NJ Weddings” facebook page.

I also saw a report on News 12 New Jersey recently about the Eastside Neighborhood Association in Paterson, NJ hosting a Royal Wedding celebration at The Bonfire in Paterson on Sunday, May 1st. Here’s the link to their facebook page invite

Are there some other Royal Wedding / New Jersey news items to share, or viewing parties or celebrations you’ll be attending? Let us know about them by posting a comment below…thanks!


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