A Love Story Blossoms For Wish Upon A Wedding NJ / NY Metro Recipients

Jill and Kevin will be married in East Windsor, NJ on May 12, 2012 and achieve their dream wedding with the help of Wish Upon a Wedding New Jersey/New York Metro wedding professionals. Read their story below…

How They Met:

Jill and Kevin will receive their wedding wish May 12th

Jill and Kevin will receive their wedding wish May 12th

Like many couples, Kevin and Jill met at a bar, but it was the “one place” Jill swore she’d never meet a future husband! However when they saw one another, something just ‘clicked’, almost at first glance.

Their Love Story:

Kevin and Jill fell in love pretty quickly. They wanted to spend every moment with each other. Jill has a 10 year old son that Kevin just adored and that made her fall in love with him even more.


In June 2010 Jill started experiencing horrible back pain. She went to chiropractors and made a few trips to the emergency room. She then ended up with a broken rib. One morning Jill awoke with a pain in her right breast and had a follow up appointment with her General Practitioner so she figured she would just let her take a look. Her doctor gave her a prescription for a mammogram and Jill went the next day.

In March of 2009 Jill had found a lump in her right breast and went to her gynecologist to have it checked. Unfortunately, he dismissed it as a fibroid cyst and sent her on her way, despite the fact there was a family history of breast cancer. (Jill had two grandmothers who had breast cancer.) After more time had passed, Jill was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer at the age of 32. The last year and a half have been very hard, not only for Jill but for Kevin and for their family and friends as well.

The couple found out the cancer had spread in November 2011. Now Jill is experimenting with a new clinical trial. She explained to us that she gets through each day with a positive mindset. Like thousands of other women throughout the world, Jill hopes that one day there will be a cure for breast cancer.

What Makes Their Relationship Special:

According to Jill, “our relationship is special because Kevin and I were always the funny ones. We could finish each others’ sentences and play off each other when the funny stories came out. We’ve always referred to each other as two peas in a pod. we were just meant to be.”

What Does The Future Hold?

The love and support from their family and friends is so special, and has helped them get through the hard times. Jill is really looking forward to celebrating her wedding surrounded by those who mean so much to her. As for the future, Jill says, “I foresee a happy future. I foresee my oncologists continuing to find new medicine so that I can stay on this earth, marry the love of my life, (and) watch my son grow into a man and be happy.”

About Wish Upon A Wedding:

Wish Upon a Wedding is the world’s first nonprofit wish granting organization providing weddings and vow renewals for couples facing terminal illness and serious life-altering circumstances, regardless of sexual orientation. Officially launched in January of 2010, Wish Upon a Wedding currently has chapters throughout the United States. For more information about Wish Upon A Wedding New Jersey / New York Metro, follow chapter updates on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/WUWNewJersey and Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/WUW_New_Jersey.

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