NJ Event Planner & Invitation Designer Collaborate to Introduce Video Invite for Weddings & Events

Introducing The VIDEO Invite!

Jewel Georgieff and Yvette Sencion launch their design for video invitations at The Wedding Salon luxury bridal event in NYC

New York, NY — On a warm afternoon in the summer of 2012, after searching for ideas to create a signature collection that would offer her brides more unique and personalized options, Jewel Georgieff of Jewel Georgieff Wedding Design (a division of Jewel Party Solutions LLC) found what she had been searching for and immediately contacted her friend and colleague, Luxury Paperie Artisan, Invitation Designer and owner of Sdezigns LLC, Yvette Sencion.

“I loved Yvette`s work, she is simply hands down the best around, I would recommend her to everyone, I just knew anything she came up with would be fabulous and was just dying to collaborate with a professional like her,” says Jewel of her collaboration with the designer.

Fast forward after many chats with a supplier, design meetings and fun shopping excursions (sometimes with kids in tow), Yvette and Jewel debuted the now exclusive signature collection called “The Georgieff,” featuring luxury white silk embroidered wish box with a digital slide show, coordinating menu cards, circular boxed invitations and the star of the collection: THE LUXURY VIDEO INVITATION!

That’s right you heard it, a mailable invitation with a mini LCD screen that is lightweight and customizable so couples and party hosts can upload a video message inviting their guest to their celebration, wedding or corporate event!

Yvette can custom design the invitation overlay to suit any color scheme, theme and style of any event or wedding. The line debuted at the ‘Wedding Salon Luxury Bridal Showcase’ on Monday, April 22, 2013 at the Metropolitan Pavilion in NYC to fantastic reactions from brides-to-be and other attendees! Grooms especially loved the little LCDs!

The Invitations were displayed in elegant luxury boxes amongst Yvette Sencion`s exclusive designs and a tribute to earth day table-scape designed by Jewel Georgieff.

Contrary to what some may believe, the event industry is not a cut throat grouping of competing vendors and professionals. Event professionals come together every day to create the dreams of their clients, and in this instance they come together to bring new designs and introduce new ideas and products to a new market.

Thanks to this collaborative effort, Jewel Georgieff, the only local Event designers to have her own signature collection design by Yvette Sencion of Sdezigns, and Yvette is the only local Invitation Designer in the region with the Video Invitation available for custom orders.

Orders for the “Georgieff Collection” and custom Luxury Video Invitations (#videoinvitation) can be placed only through Yvette directly at Sdezigns, LLC or Jewel Georgieff Wedding Design.

For more information on video invitations or “the Georgieff Collection” contact Yvette Sencion, Founder and Luxury Invitation Designer, via email at info@sdezigns.com, call 908-764-4407 or visit corporate website www.sdezigns.com. To speak with The Event Designer, Jewel Georgieff, please contact via email @ info@jewelgeorgieff.com, call 201-577-1750 or visit corporate website www.jewelgeorgieff.com

Closeup of the video invitation available for weddings and events

Closeup of the video invitation available for weddings and events



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