TapSnap phototainment system ready to shake up the New Jersey wedding scene, rock New York City parties

TapSnap Phototainment SystemTapSnap has arrived in Northern New Jersey (just a hop, skip and jump across the Hudson from New York City) and it’s taking the wedding photo booth trend to an entirely different level. Launched this Spring with over 30 operators across North America, TapSnap is creating the first truly national photo entertainment franchise.

“Every wedding I went to in the last year had a photo booth,” said 32-year-old Milton Guerrero, a Cedar Knolls, N.J. resident who is the local owner of the newly minted TapSnap franchise. “But TapSnap breaks the mold of the traditional photo booth. Because that giant screen is out there in the open, it draws a lot of attention and brings the crowd together. There’s a lot more interaction and it’s a lot more social than the traditional photo booth.”

Instantly connected to social media, TapSnap allows event guests to take their picture with a touch of the fingertip to the giant 42-inch multi-touch screen, and add digital props like celebrity faces, giant sunglasses or sports props like a basketball. When they are done, they can share their creation instantly via social media networks and email, or print their photo to take home.

If there’s one thing New Jersey has in abundance, it’s weddings. The good news for Guerrero is there are over 46,600 a year in New Jersey and brides here spend on average 25 per cent more on their wedding budget than the national average – $31,983 compared to $25,631, according to statistics produced in 2012 by the Weddingreport.com.

In Morris County where Guerrero lives, the average budget is even higher at $36,140, 41 per cent above the average U.S. wedding.

TapSnap Phototainment System

A Revolutionary Phototainment System.
Instantly Social & Utterly Fun!

Guerrero is one of over 30 TapSnap franchise owners across North America which includes businesses in Houston, Minneapolis, Vancouver, Toronto, Los Angeles and more.

Because most TapSnap events will take place on evenings and weekends, Guerrero will be able to operate his machine in conjunction with his other business as an acquisitions manager in real estate.

TapSnap will make its New York City debut on May 19, volunteering for with Brides Against Breast Cancer for their Charity Wedding Gown Sale and show, that raises funds for cancer patients and their families.

His machine was also at an event hosted by the national wedding Web site, TheKnot.com, on April 11 at the Bloomingdales in Long Island’s Roosevelt Field Mall.

“I fell in love with TapSnap right away,” says Guerrero. “It is elegant and looks like something I’ve never seen before. And the social media aspect is a huge selling point. I think it will do well.”

Scott McInnes, the CEO and Founder says: “Photo booths have been around forever, but the equipment didn’t keep pace with technology. TapSnap is light years ahead of the traditional photo booth, and because it’s open-concept, everyone gets to play. I’ve never seen people have so much fun getting their picture taken.”

Learn more about TapSnap by visiting www.TapSnap.net or calling 1-877-577-0566.

About TapSnap

TapSnap is the next big innovation in event entertainment and franchising, bringing sophistication to the photo booth. Open-concept and instantly connected to social media, TapSnap blends a high-tech product with an innovative franchise model, and is based in Vancouver, Canada.


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